Stuff we’d like to test.

OK. So everyone loves thrashing new kit, right?

We ride year round; rain or shine, night and day, no matter how wet and muddy it gets. Our kit takes a battering and we’re experts in ruining stuff or, taking it to it’s limits of endurance (as the proper spin should probably read). We’ll test anything that makes our lives, and our rides more enjoyable.

Here’s a list of stuff we’d really like to try (and can’t be arsed (or afford) to buy right now).


Tobe GX Syndicate – Transition Sentinel, OneUp components EDC tool, OneUp Components 35mm Carbon bars, IXS FF helmet and Knee pads, UnParallel Flats, Tyres for proper gritty winter slop, McDonalds Chicken Wraps (all options), GoPro Hero 8, Weller Antique, or 12 year old, Bourbon, Hope Evo Cranks, Sixth Element Wheels, Park Tools.

GX Crowley – Orange Five Evo, Stella Artois (big cans), any type of beer fridge, Park Tools

GX Brooksy – Anything Purple, PornTube subscription

RickClarkeMTB – Anything Germanic. Everything is better over there apparently, Orange or Hope T-Shirts (Medium), Sandals.

GX Ormers – The new Santa Cruz 5010, Gloves (as many as possible to fit his outfits)