Lezyne Torque Drive review – by Tobe GXSyndicate – December 2019

A picture of a Lezyne Torque Drive sat in its case along with the T bar and all its bit heads
Lightweight, compact and with trademark Lezyne clean design. A thing of beauty.

Who doesn’t love a tool? Er? Maybe the wrong way to pitch that…
In terms of MTB tools, I know I do. And, I know I’m keen to always have what I need to sort out those unexpected mechanicals out on the trail and not be the one knocking on farm doors when I’m found wanting.

Like most sensible, considerate riders these days, I carry a small multi-tool for the majority of those eventualities but the rise in popularity of carbon on mountain bikes means that it can be a little more precarious to guess the torque on that stem or dropper lever. I’m sure, like me, you don’t fancy wrestling with two halves of your handle bars whilst hurtling down your favourite track toward certain doom.

Introducing Lezyne’s answer to the need for a bit more precision in the field. The light weight (180g), and rather attractive looking Torque Drive.

Like most Lezyne tools. It’s beautifully simple in its design and puts a smile on your face when you use it.

A Lezyne Torque Drive case on a table top showing the Lezyne branding and the Torque Drive name in text.
A Lezyne Torque Drive resting on it's open case with the removable T Bar in place
A very clever T-Bar system
A Lezyne Torque Drive in its case showing the torque scale close up
Easy to read scale so you know what torque setting you’re at
A Lezyne Torque Drive in its case showing the drive body, the T Bar and the range of bit heads.
All the bits you need for most situations in the field

To say that this tool is uncomplicated is an understatement and it’s hard to imagine how the Torque Drive could be made any easier to use. This is testament to Lezyne’s design skill. The 14 cm long machined aluminium body has a hole at one end where the T-Bar simply slides through to give plenty of grip. Remember, it’s to prevent over torque so you don’t need much anyway but it feels just right in the hand. The bits are plentiful (SL4, PH2, H2, H2.5, H3, H4, H5, H6, H10, T10, T25 and T30) and the business end of the body, where the bits fit when in use, is magnetic. Each time you place a bit in the body there is a really satisfying clunk as the magnet engages and holds the bit in place. You then simply use the tool as required and keep one eye on the easy to read 2 – 10 Nm scale that is printed on the body, stopping at the desired torque. Job done!

The case keeps everything very neatly stored away and well protected with a nice big loop on the strap that you can easily open with gloves or cold fingers. Even here, the attention to detail is excellent and the zip is protected by a rubber flange keeping dirt and water out.

This is one of those tools that at least one of your group should be carrying and will likely see plenty of use.

Score 8/10
Price Circa £40
Pros – Light, superbly made, most of torque range you need, most of the bits you need
Cons – Not pocket sized