Kit we rate (or don’t)

There’s always new kit in the camp. It’s mountain biking after all and let’s face it, shiny stuff attracts us.

Riding in the Derbyshire Peak district as often as we do, circa three times per week and in a multitude of conditions (often in the same ride) we get through a lot of kit. Shoes don’t last long so good ones are sacred. Jackets, shorts, jerseys, tyres, cassettes, brakes etc all get a hammering so the intention here is to pass on our thoughts to you. Reviews by normal, everyday riders for normal, everyday riders. And not Cali-centric where rain comes once a year, is warm and lasts for a few refreshing minutes.

Check the drop down menu and see what products we’re riding/testing. If you hve any questions, hit us up on the GX Syndicate Twitter feed or the GX Syndicate Instagram page and one of us will get back to you.